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Grassroots Advocacy


What is Grassroots Advocacy?​​​

Grassroots advocacy is communication with legislators and other policymakers that comes from the public, instead of traditional lobbyists. It is one of the best ways to affect change in policy discussions.

Grassroots advocacy is effective because it shares the stories, experiences and perspectives of the people directly affected by a given piece of legislation or policy, and reaching out one-on-one establishes a personal relationship with the legislator. 

As locally-elected officials, your voice is particularly important in grassroots advocacy efforts. When you make an argument for or against a particular topic, it carries the weight and collective voice of all your residents, who are also constituents of that state or federal legislator. If you have an existing relationship with a legislator, share that with the League. If you don’t, we can help you develop one.​​​

Grassroots Resources